Sugar Wax: Fine to Medium hair removal for Men + Women

BodyHonee’s all-natural Sugar Wax kit is made with pure sugar, salt, and lemon juice. It is the perfect hair removal wax system for both men and women with fine to medium hair thickness. With ingredients so safe you can eat them, and results as effective as going to a salon – it is the ideal home waxing kit for a healthy, natural lifestyle.  Using the kit is easy, simply apply a thin layer of BodyHonee wax onto you skin in the same direction as hair growth, apply your epilating strip over the wax and smooth down firmly 3-5 times, then in one quick motion, remove the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.  After you’re done waxing, simply wash any remaining residue off with water! It’s that easy.

BodyHonee’s Sugar Wax is the preferred wax kit among men, but works just as great on women with fine to medium hair.


Remain hair free for up to 8 weeks!
Water Washable – No Messy Cleaning
No Chemicals – Non Toxic – No Preservatives
Made in USA – Responsibly and Locally Sourced Ingredients
Cruelty Free

Complete wax kit includes:

10 oz. / 283g. Hair Removal Wax
8 Waxing Strips
2 Wooden Spatulas


Sucrose, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt

 Download Instruction Manual