hair removal waxing kit for men

BodyHonee Spa Wax Kit


BodyHonee Spa Wax is an all-natural, extra strength hair removal wax kit that will completely remove your unwanted hairs. Perfect for men and women with very thick to coarse hair. No more missed hairs – even the shortest ones are removed. Hair regrowth will appear slower, softer and finer than other hair removal methods. The naturally derived formula infused with avocado oil will leave you with beautiful, shiny, smooth skin!

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BodyHonee Sugar Wax Kit


BodyHonee’s all natural Sugar Wax is the preferred at-home waxing kit made for men and women with fine to medium hair. Our pure and naturally derived sugar and lemon formula is great for removing hair on even the most sensitive skin and delicate areas of your body. The simple, fragrance free formula is safe, easy to use, and effective. The Sugar Wax formula is microwavable and rinses away quickly and easily with water. Skin will look and feel irresistibly touchable!

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hair removal wax kit

Why use BodyHonee for home hair removal?

BodyHonee is dedicated to creating 100% all natural hair removal wax products that provide long lasting results that are perfect for both men and women. Our products have been formulated with completely natural ingredients derived straight from mother nature- leaving your skin looking and feeling silky smooth and beautiful, without any harmful chemicals. BodyHonee waxing kits are all natural, microwaveable, cruelty free and made in the USA.

BodyHonee removes hair down to the roots, leaving your skin silky smooth and free of regrowth for up to 8-12 weeks. New Hair growth will also appear thinner than ever before.

With ingredients so safe you can eat them, and results as effective as going to a salon – it is the ideal hair removal wax kit for a healthy, natural lifestyle.

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Latest Products

Spa Wax Kit

Extra strength hair removal wax that will remove even the shortest, thickest, coarsest hairs.
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Sugar Wax Kit

Perfect body hair removal system for both men and women, made with pure sugar, salt, and lemon.
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Wax Strips

Our wax strips are perfect to use with all soft hair removal waxes. Each strip is reusable up to 6 times.
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